Reach the right customers using principles of design and branding along with a marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing

At Jinxed we provide a complete tailored strategy for building an audience using Social Media.

Our Service Includes:

  • Crafting Branded Creatives and Social Media Posts
  • Account Managment with CRM
  • Ad Management


How can Social Media Marketing boost my business?

Social media does, in fact, help get the word out about your business.

Social media gives you the power to learn more about your audience, their interests, and collect feedback.

Ask your customers to share their thoughts, questions, and ideas to get to know them better. You can respond just as fast, without having to pick up the phone or worry the customer isn’t seeing your response.

Web Design & development

We help build an online platform to showcase your brand’s values and create an online presence in the world wide web.

Our Service Includes:

  • Crafting a Online Destination for your Brand.
  • Updating and Maintaining the Website
  • Performance Report and Analytics
  • E-Commerce integration (if preferred)


Why is a Website important in 2020?

At Jinxed Network we have a primary objective of helping businesses communicate their vision and mission through design and creative solutions.

A website in 2020 make the forefront face of the organization. A well designed site not only helps boost overall morale in the organization but also help prospects to navigate and find your business online.

Branded Video Content

Need to convey your company’s values, vision and products in a video format? We help craft short and impactful videos to help you generate an audience for your brand.

Our Service Includes:

  • Crafting a creative strategy to convey your services to your target audience
  • 2D/3D Motion Graphics and Visual Elements
  • Custom Branded Video Elements


Brand identities

Looking at creating your very own brand? Our team of brand strategists and designers help you craft a strong brand identity to help you build an audience for your brand.

Our Service Includes:

  • Crafting a Logo for your Brand
  • Styleguides – Fonts, Colors and Mockups
  • Marketing collateral use cases 


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